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You don't need one, period. If you want one, it's time to admit you have a thing for touch, textures and sound. You probably enjoy ASMR and watching videos with the words “oddly satifying” in their titles.

You're one of those people, make peace with it.

Yes, it does have to do with durability, repairability and customization, but most people are fine with laptop keyboards. Anyone can get a board with some keys that can type stuff for 10 bucks or less at a pinch – or dumpster dive and get 2 or 10 for free.

Not you. You want that thocc sound. You want a decoractive keycap that looks like Kirby, or maybe a keyboard that looks like the ones in Severance.


I'm originally from Brazil, a third-world country where abortion is illegal. This fact doesn't prevent abortions from happening at all. Everyone knows someone who did it. I'd even go as far as saying someone in every single extended family in Brazil has certainly done it, whether you know it or not.

The difference is all these procedures were clandestine and many were unsafe, unsanitary, dangerous and unnecessarily painful.

The only outcome of making abortion illegal is endangering people's lives. Full stop. You're not preventing it from happening, you're only preventing it from happening safely.


A couple of jobs ago I interviewed at a startup and one of the co-founders made the claim above – he had “made over a hundred apps” in the space of a year. I found that a bit off but didn't give much of a thought at that moment.

Later on I couldn't stop thinking about it. A hundred apps? What kinds of apps exactly? Games? Flappy bird clones? Were they just pieces of software or potentially sustainable businesses?


I'm old, so I find tape recording fascinating. So much so that I bought this bad boy on Ebay a few years ago:


The news of the week are, of course, Elongated Muskrat buying Twitter.

As usual, people tend to flock (lol) to Mastodon whenever anything happens to the birdsite, and it is happening again.


I have a blog again, as you can see. It's not my first one, so my initial impulse was to see if any of my old posts would be worth moving over.


Note: This is an old post from 2012 published on a previous blog, but it's good and still relevant, so why not?

I’m rereading KLF’s The Manual and after all these years it’s still pure genius. Technology has come a long way and most chapters about booking studios and distribution are quite outdated, but the main ideas about music and how to put out a successful single are sound.